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Mario Espana is the culmination of four generations of entertainment excellence. The Espana family legacy was established on solid principles, which include professional performers with 110% commitment and cutting-edge entertainment productions that exceed all expectations! Mario’s mission is to continue to uphold these principles and offer modern and fresh renditions of traditional circus acts with contemporary flair and voracious energy!

With a shared vision and a mutual passion for traveling the globe and eliciting electric audience responses everywhere, Mario and His wife Vivien Von Son  have been consistently pushing the limits of daring and danger with each and every performance bringing the “need to exceed” attitude to any booking. Whether they have delivered an individual act or their entire repertoire package,

they have left unforgettable and lasting memories with thousands of audiences including the following productions:

  • The Great Moscow Circus (Australia Tour)

  • George Carden International (USA Tour)

  • Super American Circus (Hawaii Tour)

  • Moscow State Circus (Guam)

  • Jordan World Circus (USA Tour)

  • Janfusun Fancy world Park (Taiwan)

  • The Great Loritz Circus (Australia Tour)

  • Ultimate Thrills Circus (Canadas Wonderland, Toronto)

  • Ultimate Stunt Show (King Island, Cincinnati)

  • Cirque Musica Wonderland (Canada Tour)

  • Five Nations Circus (China) 

  • Circus United (USA)

To name a few

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